Meet Macquel

Macquel Anderson
Welcome to the blog of [ macquelAstudio ]
{ muh-kel - ay - stoo-dee-oh }

My interest in photography stemmed from my dad always, & I truly mean, ALWAYS taking photos & videos of me & my siblings as children. We have hundreds & hundreds of hours of videos & thousands upon thousands of photos. It's amazing to look back at those moments of my childhood & of my life. I am eternally grateful for the influence that he, & those photos, have had in my life.

Through elementary & middle school, I carried around my little throw away cameras, & just took pictures of anything that I could find! I started taking film photography classes my sophomore year of high school & I fell in love with my dad's 1982 35mm Yashica. My mom gave him that camera for his birthday while they were dating {now how adorable is that?!}

I have a great love for anything beautiful, colorful, & full of life! {my pink, purple & lime green walls as a teenager is full proof of that. It may have been a little much, but it was fabulous!} I get so excited to meet new clients & get to know them personally. The story of how they met, the story of their engagement, the funny little things that they've learned about each other. In fact, it's one of my favorite parts of my job, right up there with seeing a couples' beaming smiles after the long awaited "I do." I am constantly reminded of how incredible true love is because of the beautiful couples' that I have the pleasure of associating with. I get home from a reception & I'm just dying to hold me husband & tell him how much I love him. He probably thinks I'm a little crazy, but I couldn't care less. The love that is felt on that wedding day is too much to hold in!

I feel like the luckiest lady in the world to be doing something that I love. 

Just a few random Macquel facts:
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with my husband, Harry Potter & puppies. I just can't get enough of them!
  • I LOVE tapioca pudding.
  • Don't even think about bringing up anything involving a scary movie, I may not sleep for days..
  • My guilty pleasures are Gossip Girl, Katy Perry, &.... *Nsync.... I'm a little embarrassed to admit that one..
  • Whenever I'm sick or feeling blue, I curl up on my couch & watch Disney Movies for hours.